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September 29 1997

Happy 35th anniversary
Attended by President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a military and youth parade was held on Friday 26th September to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the September Revolution to overthrow the backward Imamate regime of the Hamiduldeen family in 1962. In his televised speech, President Saleh called on all Yemenis to “be ready to enter the 21st century with two new revolutions – economic and scientific.” He also called upon the government “to reform the financial, taxation, customs, and monetary legislations as well as reforming the judicial system, and combatting corruption.”
Developing the infrastructure and the agricultural and industrial sectors was also cited by the President as top priorities for the government. In addition to Yemeni officials and dignitaries that attended the parade, Arab guests included HRH Prince Abdullah Bin Hussein of Jordan and the speaker of parliament in Djibouty.