Series of crimes by a professional gang may come to an end [Archives:2004/743/Local News]

June 3 2004

Taiz Bureau
Sunday, 30 May, 2004, Taiz- Col. Yahya Al-Haisame, Deputy Chief of Security, in a statement to Yemen Times, said that the series of crimes committed by a gang specializing in conning and robbing citizens using anesthetic may finally come to an end, following the arrest of one its member in action. The security forces are interrogating the culprit to apprehend the rest of the gang.
A professional gang has recently been active in Taiz in conning and robbing innocent citizens, usually coming out from either a jewelry shop or an exchange store, by anesthetizing victims and taking them to public hospitals. A member of the gang would pretend to know the victim or to be some sort of an acquaintance to the chosen victim. The victim would be lured or tempted to drink with him a glass of fresh lemonade with anesthetic. Yemen Times regularly reported some of the incidents.
In the latest adventure of the gang, one of its members, as precautionary measure, decided to take his victim to a private hospital, where he was arrested.