Serious steps towards,Enhancement of economic partnership with Syria [Archives:2004/765/Business & Economy]

August 19 2004

Yemen and Syria have taken serious steps for consolidation of the economic and investment partnership between the two countries by signing the executive programs on scientific and technical cooperation with regard to the fish wealth and agricultural cooperation.
The agreement has stipulated on exchange of expertise and training on systems of geographic information (GIS), fish cooperatives, monitoring via satellites and researches on fish that Yemen is in need of.
The agreement also includes training of Yemeni technicians in Syria in the area of breeding fish in reproduction basins as well as fish administration and statistics.
The agreement has covered the encouragement of Syrian investors wishing to fish in Yemeni regional waters and studying opportunities of fish reproduction in water dams.
With regard to agriculture, the agreement stipulated on an agreement of the joint technical committee at the conclusion of its meetings in Sana'a on cooperation in agricultural researches and protection of plants and animal wealth in addition to agricultural guidance.
The two parties have also agreed on cooperation in forests and pastures by the exchange of fruitful and bush trees seeds, the exchange of systems, laws and information and agricultural publications specified for botanic production and supplying Yemen with types of olive trees, fig and maize.
The agreement has not skipped the agreement on enhancing cooperation in food industries, encouragement of the private sector on the exchange of agriculture products and holding fairs for investment in fish wealth in Yemen.