Setting up of a training course on meetings administering [Archives:2004/777/Local News]

September 30 2004

By YT Taiz Bureau

A training course on administering meetings was set up at the hall of Taiz Governorate bureau. It was organized by the Local Council of Taiz Governorate in collaboration with the German Association for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and the Chamber of Commerce, and was participated by 35 female and male trainees from the local councils, private sector, and NGOs. The Coordinator of the Course, Adnan Abdullah Saleh, declared that the course lasted between the period from 25th-29th September 2004, and it aimed at improving the communication skills of the trainees in a way securing their improved performance. In addition, the course aimed to improve cooperation and coordination between the local councils and the other parties and associations, and the development of skills in constructive dialogue for the topics, decisions, and the problems under study, with emphasis on providing the participants with the skills and expertise to help them in listening thoroughly, and controlling their feelings and reactions. The course inauguration was attended by the Deputy Assistant of Taiz Governorate, Ali al-Muqdashi, Miss Gabriele Herrmann, CIM, Advisor, Dr. Dawood Othman, Teacher in the Faculty of Economy in Sana'a, and the Director of Media and General Relations of Taiz Governorate bureau, Ammar al-Mua'allemi.