Sewerage Project in Aden [Archives:2004/778/Local News]

October 4 2004

On Monday 27th September, the Vice President, Abdorubboh Mansoor, laid the foundation stone to Aden Sewerage Project under Contract 3 of al-Areesh Sewerage Network Mujdalah.
This project comes as per the agreement concluded on 22nd May 1996 between the Yemeni Government and the German Federal Republic, and accordingly, the German Federal Republic offered a financial grant amounting 75 million Deutsche Marks to the Yemeni Government, allocated for the purpose of the Aden Sewerage project. This amount is equivalent to 85% of the project cost, the Yemeni Government will cover the other 15% in addition to providing the area required for the project purposes.
The purpose of the project, in its first phase, is to build a sewerage network in the districts of Khormaksar, Crater, Mu'alla, and Tawahi. As a result of the horizontal expansion witnessed in the Governorate, and the extension of building into new areas such as al-Areesh, al-Nasr, the situation necessitated the preparation of a study to build a new network to cover up the requirements of this expansion. The expansion is included within the phase of the project known as contract 3.
The project aims to extend the sewerage network in the Aden Governorate so as to include the deprived areas such as al-Areesh, al-Nasr, and Gold Mohur, in order to avoid the primitive sewerage system, reduce environmental pollution, and increase the capacity of the pumping stations.
The event was attended by Aden Governor, Yehia Al-Shuaibi, and a number of officials from the Governorate, and the Water and Sanitation General Authority, as well as the German experts involved in the project.