Sey’un band to play in Zanzibar [Archives:2005/812/Community]

January 31 2005

A musical band from Sey'un is to off to Zanzibar to take part in the Sauti za Busara (Sounds of Wisdom) Swahili Music Festival, taking place 10th to 13th Feb.

They will play at the festival on 13th Feb. and will stay for a week during which time it is hoped that they will make some recordings for German Radio and also some other recordings for a future CD release.

The group plays different instruments of percussion as well as violins.

Hadhrami music as played by Sey'un Popular Arts Group fits very well into the programme of the Festival as it displays many similarities to the taarab music of Zanzibar and indeed migrating Yemenis are known to have contributed to the original form of this style of music.

Also some of the songs in the group's repertoire contain pieces of Swahili in their lyrics as well as traces of East African rhythms.

The festival will feature diverse musical shows that showcase indigenous music and richness of culture.

The visit has been made possible through the generosity of their Excellencies the Prime Minister Mr. Abdul Qader Bajammal, and the Governor of Hadhramaut Mr Abdul Qader Hilal as well as the Busara Festival and its director Mr Yusuf Mahmood besides the help from Mr. Abdul Rahman al-Saqqaf (Director of the Say'un Museum).