SFD concludes workshop [Archives:2004/777/Community]

September 30 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
The Social Fund for Development (SFD) concluded on Thursday 30th September 2004, a workshop on training consultants and contractors that are executing projects sponsored by the Fund in some governorates. The workshop aimed to help the participants to understand and implement the strategy and the methods of executing these projects.
Eng. Mohammed Abdu al-Buthaiji, trainer of the participants, declared that: 'the workshop which lasted from September 25th-30th 2004 was organized by the Social Fund for Development, Sana'a. The workshop is considered significant because it aimed at increasing the quality and improving the performance of the contractors and consultants which the Fund has entered into contracts with. The are some secondary objectives that the workshop intended to achieve, such as teaching the participants the common mistake in executing projects and showing them the ways that lead to work of high quality.'
“It aimed at letting them know the difficulties and weaknesses at any stage of their work. Not only that but it even explained the process of controlling the quality and production of materials, transporting and storing them.” He added.
The workshop, during the five days, dealt with vital aspects of improving execution and constitutes an important step forward in the Fund's efforts to execute different projects. It is note worthy that the Fund's projects were highly appreciated by the sponsors.