Shaphaco listed among top Arab drug manufacturers [Archives:2004/772/Local News]

September 13 2004

SANA'A- Shaphaco Corp. was recently presented with the Gulf States Award for being the first Yemeni company listed among the Gulf's top drug manufacturers.
A committee consisting of representatives from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE investigated the quality of regional drug manufacturers and found that Shaphaco meets the required GMP quality standards, which are applied to drug manufacturers in most Arab states and many European countries.
The committee assessed the quality of factory buildings, equipment, document archiving, and storage facilities. The standards are approved and regularly updated by the World Health Organization.
Shaphaco, founded in 1993, is a nationally owned company offering support to doctors and pharmacists throughout Yemen. It consistently sponsors scientific medical seminars.
The company officially began production in 1999, producing six different pharmaceuticals. At the time, it employed only 40 staff members. To date the company produces 62 pharmaceutical products and now employs 240 workers.
Shaphaco began exporting medicinal products in 2001, exporting firstly to Iraq and then to Somalia and Eritrea. Shaphaco currently has plans to export products to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.
The company stands by its motto for the quality of its products, “Worth the trust of today's and tomorrow's generations.”