Sharaab amidst charming nature [Archives:2004/712/Culture]

February 16 2004

By Abdul Wahab Abdul Qawi Al Sofi
For the Yemen Times
[email protected]

The colour of green is not only beautiful when in one's eyes, but also when it's on the golden earth and the beautiful smooth rocks.
I am unable to describe how one's eyes are always opened to such beauty. Tongues can't articulate the description of this fascinating nature.
It is Allah's paradise I refer to, in the Al Rawnah area in Shara'ab province, two hours by car west of Taiz city.
It is something not imaginable. Mountains, ravines, streams are everywhere decorated by beautiful houses. It's so foggy that you think mountains climb into the sky.
Brunches of thick trees wave to welcome visitors. Clouds usually embrace its high green mountains, so that trees leaves are always full of dewdrops. These dewdrops are transformed to pearls during sun shining particularly in the morning.
Beside that, wind plays music and trees dance, bringing birds from their nests to sing. The hanging nests on the branches looking over passersby make it all the prettier.
Rocks, which are covered by excessive trees, are as soft as veiled cheeks of a young girl. Moreover, streams flow with murmuring sounds.
This sound with twittering of various birds is harmonized to enrapture visitors. In addition to that, Quince's trees everywhere emanate good order especially when you touch them, as if they grant you a premium.
Palms trees at the bottom of the valley are hanging dates as if they are beautiful girls wearing golden jewelry in their necks.
This valley at the bottom coddling the area is completely covered with green plants, except yellow flowers in the middle. It's a beautiful picture painted by Allah in His land.
It's stuck in the mind forever as soon as you arrive there. It's never forgettable. It is actually a tourist wealth for its visitors.