Shara’ab & Shameer villagers experience catastrophesHeavy rains resulting in damages and human losses [Archives:2004/780/Community]

October 11 2004
Torrents erode agricultural soil causing major landslides in Wadi Al-Watta
Torrents erode agricultural soil causing major landslides in Wadi Al-Watta
By Ahmad Al-Hilali
Yemen Times Staff

Unusual heavy rains fell on some areas of Taiz province in the closing days of last September. Such intensive rains, ensued by strong torrents and floods resulted in terrible damages and human losses in many areas including Shara'ab Al-Rwana (Al-Asd), and the eastern parts of Shameer (Merab.) Among the human losses were two children aging from 13-15 years.
The population of these areas was almost drowned, their modest houses were seriously damaged, and fear overwhelmed them.
The mountainous terrains in Shara'ab Al-Rawna also received their share of damage as well as the agricultural crops and large clumps of trees.
Of the agricultural valleys, which were damaged are Al-Agshoob, AL-Ghaunia, Merab, Al-Hamadia, Al-Wat'a Al-Shatt, and Al-Etian valley in addition to the terrains of Al-Wa'eerah and Al-Gharbi mountains.
The roads leading to the junction between the city of Taiz and the area of Shara'ab were inundated and destroyed by the floods that stopped the traffic till now except for some adventurous drivers who risk their lives and dare to drive through the huge rocks.
Many families in the devastated areas cannot even go to the city of Taiz to buy what they need or to rush their patients away to the hospitals. The distance between the city and these villages takes nowadays a long time, ranging between 3-4 hours. It only took not more than one hour and half in the past.
These damages and human losses took place due to the lack of damps to store the floods that come down from the mountains.
We hope the concerned authorities and humanitarian organizations would draw attention towards the affected areas and help the population make up for the disaster.