Sharon measures success in blood [Archives:2002/42/Focus]

October 14 2002

By Hassan Al-Haifi
The phenomenal thing about Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel is that he is straightforward and has no qualms about saying exactly just how he feels. Mind you, this is not to be translated as a switch in emotions and opinion, or a change of heart. It is no more than wishful thinking that someday Arab leaders will also come straight out and tell us just what it is that is brewing in their minds.
But then that is another matter, which will continuously be dealt with here separately. The fact of the matter remains that if it was not for the distinct character of our Arab leaders, the likes of Ariel Sharon will not have their way and destroy whatever is left of Arab honor and pride. After all, our leaders have already paved most of the way for him.
Coming back to Ariel Sharon, a man among the elite of ethnic cleansers of the 21st Century. Last Tuesday he announced proudly that the killing of 17 unarmed innocent Palestinians in Khan Yunis by an Apache helicopter was a great success! ‘At-a-boy Ariel for telling it like it is. What Ariel is saying is, “Look, world we are here to take over this land, and there is just no way that we can complete our holy destiny without the unholy killing of everything that stands in our way.” After all what is Zionism really about?” So what is the fuss all about, Ariel Sharon is fulfilling the Zionist destiny, whereas the Arabs have no destiny any longer.
Seventeen innocent Palestinians killed in one day, yet the whole world watches in daunting silence. What would happen if a Zionist settler, or an illegitimate trespasser, if is killed by a frustrated Palestinian who has no other outlet for the agony and distress of horrible occupation: the likes of which the world has not seen since the Nazi occupation? They speak of Aushwitch and other prisons and forget they are just as criminal in Jenin and Khan Yunis and Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ! They forget that all of Palestine is a concentration camp!
Let us set things straight; oppression, murder and Zionist arrogance and terror are worthy of international repulsion as any evil that humanity has come to disdain in these modern times, if we can call them that at all. But, it seems that the minds of this new century are retracting in the humanitarian scale. Power has become the scale by which judgment is passed on. The opening of this millennium has given clear testimony to the fact that humanity has lost all sense of values and taken to the gun to decide disputed issues.
Forget about the discontent and the oppressed. It seems that only God the Al-Mighty will ever relieve the disheartened destitute of the world, people who have become victims of hungry, bloodthirsty, institutionalized criminals, cloaked in such fancy slogans as “fighting terror,” “upholding democracy and freedom,” and “defending the free world and Western culture from the evil that is rising east of the Mediterranean.” This is no more than Zionist rhetoric that wishes to imply that Zionism is indeed a great movement that has the blessings of the Lord and the interests of their supporters to heart. Never mind that this really entails the mass execution of innocent Palestinians, who have not taken anything from anybody or caused any harm to anyone. But Zionist justice is a whole new breed of arrogance that weighs human beings by their submission to Zionist logic and anything otherwise should be eliminated.
History has shown us clearly that chauvinism and arrogance only accelerate the demise of their proponents. The case seems to be again rising to the surface, as Mr. George Bush and his dear friend Ariel Sharon claim a cowardly victory against helpless people here and there, while they insist they’re making continued progress in their fight against all the evil forces that stand in the way of the most sophisticated killing machines man has ever concocted.
Where are Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omer? They have already forgotten about them and moved on to totally new combat zones that had nothing to do with September 11, 2001! But the new logic is that anything that is east of the Mediterranean and faces Mecca in prayer does have something to do with September 11! After all, that is what Ariel Sharon has taught George Bush. It does not matter that Saddam Hussein is as secularly far away from the Taliban as night is from day. The new scale of success these days says that any dead Arab or Muslim is a good Arab or Muslim. We remind Mr. Bush and Mr. Sharon, what the Lord has persistently said to all his prophets and messengers that “It is the meek (not the powerful, the arrogant and the bloodthirsty) who shall inherit the Earth!”