Shedding some light on accomplishments in Abyan governorate [Archives:2004/749/Business & Economy]

June 24 2004

By Aden Yemen Times Bureau
Abyan Governorate has witnessed a practical transition in terms of the quantity and quality of projects since the foundation of the Republic of Yemen on 22 May 1990, in the various aspects of development. In the agricultural field, Al-Nashera and Deuo canals were restored, and water barriers were constructed in Jaishan, Azan, Saeed, and Luder provinces. In road construction, the construction of the ring road of Luder province has been completed, as well as the restoration of streets in Zenjubar and work is being undertaken to illuminate the streets of Juar City. In the telecommunication field, a central station was installed in Zenjubar. In the field of education, several schools were established and furnished with qualified teachers, and several old schools were renovated.
As far as investment is concerned, Abyan governorates is considered an attractive region for investment due to its strategic location, which has contributed to its role in trade since ancient times and also qualifies it to play a vital role in the future through the phases of development and modernization in the governorate.
In the field of telecommunications, the governorate of Abyan witnessed tangible development starting with the installation of a 1700 line network in 1990.