Sheikh bin Shaji’a killed in a traffic accident [Archives:2002/11/Front Page]

March 11 2002

Mohammed bin Shaji’a, a leading sheikh of the Waila tribe, was killed in a traffic accident last Tuesday night.
The accident took place when one of his tribesmen violently intercepted his car. He was subsequently rushed to king Khalid Hospital in Najran, a district in Saudi Arabia close to the accident scene, but he died later at hospital.
Saudi prince Nassir bin Khaled al-Suayeri accompanied the body of bin Shaji’a to his hometown in Waila, where he was laid to rest.
The 65-year old sheikh had formerly attained the rank of prince from Saudi Arabia and he used to enjoyed a good relationship with it until 1987.
Bin Shaji’a tribe obstructed the advancement of the Saudi forces within the border area of Buqa inside the Yemeni lands, which led to disagreement with Saudi Arabia . Relations between bin Shaji’a and the Saudi officials also experienced another crisis because of the dispute over Jabal Thar area.
Many people have raised concern over the death of bin Shaji’a, and some think that it was premeditated, especially since he was very critical of the Jeddah border treaty signed between Saudi Arabia and Yemen in June 2000.