Sheikh Closes Primary School in Sanaa [Archives:2000/38/Front Page]

September 18 2000

Musaab bin Omair primary school in Sanaa was closed down last Saturday by sheikh Naji al-Hardi forcing 500 students to stay out in the street. He claimed the ownership of the land on which the school was built.
School staff and students have staged a demonstration using buses in a procession to the Education Ministry, protesting such an aggressive act, demanding the ministry to take action. They also headed for the parliament to submit a protest note.
Teacher Mohammed al-Ghazali, school headmaster, told YT that he could not feel any positive reaction from the authorities concerned to solve the problem which had compelled him to stage the demonstration. He attributed causes of the sheikhs act to being a way of pressing authorities to compensate him for his alleged ownership of the land.
It is expected that the problem will escalate due to the sheikhs insistence on closing the school.