Sheikh Mohammed Mutuali Asharawi: The Imam of the heralds [Archives:2006/997/Community]

November 9 2006

By: Mohammed Albadany
[email protected]

Sheikh Asharawi, that great herald, was born in 1911 in Dekdoos village, Egypt. He memorized the Holy Quran when he was 11 years-old. In 1926, Asharawi joined Azakazeek institute with elementary one and belonged to Jame Alazhar Mosque, in which he manifested his genius with memorizing poetry, proverbs and aphorisms.

Then he joined a secondary institute in which his concern with poetry and art increased. These were the reasons for his special rank among his colleagues. So, they had chosen him as a president for the students union and then the president for the artists association in Azakazeek institute.

Sheikh Asharawi was preoccupied with the national movement as well as Alazharia movement. During this period he and his colleagues were going to the courtyard and the portico of Alazhar and delivering Friday sermons.

His first major appearance was on the television program called “Noor ala Noor”” (Light on Light . It was directed by Ahmmed Feraj and it was about the good qualities of Prophet Mohammed. When the people heard him for the first time