Sheikh Wounded in Tribal Fights [Archives:2000/17/Local News]

April 24 2000

Last Tuesday, continuous clashes between Sobaih and Al-Omairan tribes residing Huraib valley, Karamish, Ma’areb governorate resulted in three injuries including Sheikh of Bani Sobaih, Mohammed Murzah. Now he is in the extensive care unit in Al-Thawrah Hospital in Sana’a.
It is worth noting that the tribal fightings broke out three months ago due to a dispute over a plot of land. Fights have claimed the lives of three persons and some were injured including children and women. In addition a number of houses and farms famous for coffee cultivation were destroyed.
Mr. Hassan Al-Zaidi, chairman of Ma’areb Coordination Organization for Human Rights Organizations called upon sheikhs and social dignitaries to interfere to stop this war. Mr. Al-Zaidi condemned the negligence of the governorate officials and said that this is a sure signal of the government’s desire to extend conflicts among tribes.