Sheraton Goldmohur Aden  Excellent Starwood Eid Hospitality [Archives:2002/10/Last Page]

March 4 2002


In the last few years, Aden has become the most attractive destination for local tourism from all over the country. During the Eid vacations of the winter season, Adens charming moderate weather plus its beautiful beach have become two major reasons for hundreds of thousands of Yemenis and foreigners to flood the city during this time.
However, the star of last Eid was no doubt the Sheraton Goldmohur Aden Hotel, which is owned by Al-Kathiri Investment Group. Uniquely strategic location by the western clean beach west of Aden has made Sheraton Goldmohur one of the preferred hotels of the whole city by tourists from within the country and from abroad.
The hospitality level is excellent, so is the service. Bookings for rooms at the hotel have started months before the Eid vacation, making it extraordinary difficult for anyone who may have come a few days before the eid to find any vacant rooms.
Quality service to our guests is our number one priority says Mr. Alaa Hamed, the Sales Manager of the hotel.
Despite the fact that the hotel was recently inaugurated, as it was opened less than a year ago, Sheraton Goldmohur hotel stands as the fastest growing hotel in terms of popularity and preference by many Aden-lovers.
We feel Sheraton Goldmohur Hotels extra feature is the open beach that it has. It is the only hotel that has a beach that is open for water to refresh itself, hence it is a hotel where you have the option to swim in the sea or the swimming pool of its own. said one of the hotels guests for the last Adha eid vacation.
Overall, Sheraton Goldmohur Hotel serves as a good example of a hotel that combines both a strategic location and quality service, making it a unique and first class hotel for a fabulous vacation in the city of Aden.