Shiekhs of Abeedah Released [Archives:2002/05/Local News]

January 28 2002

The Yemeni authorities released ten shiekhs of Abeedah detained in Aden last Friday. The Sheikhs were taken as hostages by the Yemeni authorities. This procedure comes as a result of the recent incidents, which took place in Marib Governorate on December 2001 leading to the death of 24 people from the Special Forces and Abeedah tribe. The ten shiekhs were released in return of accepting other hostages from the Abeedah tribesmen. The event has been received by great relief by tribesmen.
More than 70 people were handed over to the authorities because of their connection with Islamic movements. At the same time, a tribal source said the detainees didnt have any connection with al-Qaeda and they were only just teachers working at religious centers.