Shima network launched [Archives:2003/635/Community]

May 12 2003

Under auspices of Human Rights Minister, Dr. Waheeba Fare', and Oxfam-Britain organization, Yemeni network to end violence against woman, Shima, held a ceremony on Thursday May 8 in Hada'a Hotel and launched its network.
A number of civil society associations and governmental and non-governmental organizations representatives attended the event.
Dr. Waheeba had an opportunity to exalt the results of the elections and the wonderful competition that amazed the world.
She congratulated the 11th candidate Yemeni women who introduced a bright example for the Yemeni woman. “Although the political parties disappointed and neglected women, Yemeni candidate women had entered the elections and proved that they are patient and strugglers giving the parties a lesson.”
She said further ” We are about to have a new government change and we are looking to see the woman part of it. We ask the government to give the Yemeni woman her rights as Yemen is really full with talented and qualified women and we strongly believe in the president unlimited support for women that represented by giving her a chance either inside or abroad”
Dr. Ma'an Abdualbari, that was felicitated for appointing a chairman for Shima, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the distinguished guest Dr. Waheeba Fare, “Shima aims at adopting woman's issues including the efforts of ending violence against her. Three years of continuous work along with 15 governmental and non-governmental organizations distinguished with responsibility and team-spirit work.”
He further said “Launching the network is a step to face the future challenges and we are looking forward to seeing real achievements”
Beautiful poems and songs permeated the event.