Shocking Information Revealed in YT Interview with Jihad Leader [Archives:2001/35/Front Page]

August 27 2001

In his first and exclusive interview with YT, the leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Yemen, Al-Miqdad denied any official involvement of his movement in the kidnapping of the German diplomat, Rainer Berns. The diplomat was kidnapped at the end of July. However, he did confirmed reports published in Yemen Times that a number of the kidnappers involved are indeed members of his movement. “Islamic Jihad is certainly not involved in any way in the latest kidnapping of the German diplomat. Even though I cannot deny that a number of those involved in the kidnapping may indeed be members in our movement, yet their individual action does not at all represent our official stand as a movement.” he said.
Al-Miqdad also revealed information of intensive arrest campaigns launched against members of the movement, but at the same time threatened that it is not in the government’s favor to continue with this campaign. He also stated that members of the movement are not involved at all in the USS Cole incident of October 2000. He claimed that the ones who carried out the attack actually fled the country immediately after it occurred. 
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