Shoes thrown at President Bush [Archives:2009/1223/Community]

January 8 2009

Mofeed Aljaad
[email protected]

For the first time ever we watched as a journalist threw both of his shoes, one after the other, at a president of a great country. At a joint press conference, Montazer Al-Zaidi, an Iraqi journalist, threw his shoes at the American President George W. Bush, expressing his deepest anger toward the savage crimes committed by Bush's military in Iraq. The American administration, represented by George W, Bush, claims that they “entered the virgin land of Iraq in order to emancipate the Iraqi people from Saddam's cruel and corrupt regime,” asserting that the Iraqi people received them with bunches of flowers as an expression of their happiness and satisfaction. But Montazer Al-Zaidi's heroic act clarifies the naked reality which stands against Bush's fabricated rumors. Under the pretext of eliminating the threat posed by the “availability of nuclear weapons,” George W. bush destroyed Iraq, one of the greatest countries in the Arab World. Bush sucked Iraq's wealth dry, killed its heroes, slaughtered its innocent civilians, raped its virgin girls, and tortured its faithful men. Consequently, Montazer Al-Zaidi threw his shoes at Bush, telling him that: “This is your farewell kiss