Shooting took place at the Occidental Petroleum Company [Archives:2007/1062/Local News]

June 25 2007

Shabwa, June 24 ) An oil worker was killed and other 6 foreigners were injured when a Yemeni guard opened fire, last Saturday, shortly after they landed at Occidental Petroleum Company, located in (SI) sector in Janan field, east to Osailan district, Shabwa province, some 300 miles south of the capital, Sana'a

Al-Ayam newspaper said that the victims were all coming off a plane that was landing at the oil company's airstrip, Al-Na'eem, in Shabwa when the guard randomly opened fire at them. The worker killed in the attack was an Indian national; the other casualties included John, the manager of the production in the sector, two Britons, Dr. Steven Bosh, the commander David Juliet, Mike, who is Philipinese mechanic engineer, along with the Tunisian captain Mohammed Al-Ghandori and his Yemeni partner Abdulaziz Mabrook.

The bullets, penetrated into the plane's oil tank, resulted in injuring the guard and damaging two cars, stopping on the airstrip to take the experts to the company site.

The preliminary results indicate that the guard was mentally ill and the victims are critically injured.

The U.S. Embassy in San'a confirmed the attack in a message posted on its Website, mentioning that the US citizen was “critically injured.”” Also