Shores cleaningcampaign in Aden [Archives:2003/696/Local News]

December 22 2003

Reported by Nabil Ghalib
YT Aden Bureau

As part of increasing attention the leadership of the governorate of Aden is paying to issues of development and various sorts of services throughout all districts of the districts of the governorate, a large-scale cleaning campaigns of the shores of Aden is kicked off this week aimed mainly at improving services there.
The governor of Aden Dr. Yahya Mohammed al-Shuaibi said the campaign includes the shores of the governorate to protect its environment in all aspects such as removing remains of building from them and other kinds of waste.
In a statement to local media the governor added that there are building works now under construction and these are aimed at building a number of corniches that would help organize vehicles entering the beaches and making them good for entertainment for families and as a measure to prevent pollution caused by gases emitted from cars exhausts. Mr al-Shuaibi made it clear that the governorate administration has many plans and programs especially pertaining to cleanliness of environment with the aim of giving the city of Aden what it deserves of attention in this regard.
On the parties taking part in this campaign the governor indicated that among those parties are the fund on improving environment and the city cleanliness, the state establishment of roads and bridges, and a number of concerned authorities and institutions.
The governor has called on this occasion on all political, cultural and sport organisations and all civil society activities to effectively take part in this campaign to achieve the aim of its carrying it out, appealing to the citizens to play the major role in protection of the shores environment and also all inhabitants of the city for positive interaction regarding the cleanliness of their city and its status.