Short Answers are Always Doing [Archives:2002/05/Focus]

January 28 2002

Anees Al-Najjar
What a sweet and secure life a woman can lead if she just follows and abides by Islamic instructions!
Undoubtedly, Islamic instructions are God-made not man-made liable to changes and modifications.
What I’m really surprised at, along with many, is the bizarre notions some modern women are carrying nowadays. They seem not to be satisfied with being women. Is it the effect of democracy? Is it the effect of modern technology? Or what? I wonder!
They think that they are oppressed by being housewives and responsible for bringing up children. Those women are solely the victims of some alluring slogans and cunning expressions, such as feminism and woman’s liberation. Do they feel that they are confined and of real rights ensured by Islam are deprived?
They, candidly, are oblivious of the fact that they are envied for being Muslims and the life bestowed on them by Islam by those women of the west who at last came to discover that home is the best and befitting lodging for woman. And happiness is never with that who dances, sings, enacts, etc., but rather with that who cares about her husband and her home.
What causes laughter is the fact that when you ask a woman why she does something wrong, her prompt ready answer is ‘it is a part of our rights.’ They are not made to bear burdens and worry – it is rather the responsibility of men.
Finally, what I advise this type of women is to rid themselves of such notions – return to Allah and think of the doomsday as what they wish for doesn’t correspond to our holy religion’s sublime principles.