Short storyPipe-dream day! [Archives:2003/648/Culture]

July 7 2003

By Ahmed A. al-Obaidi
For the Yemen Times

Getting up too late at that day. I was preoccupied with so many perplexed premonitions that haunted my mind. I was about to change that dull and tedious attitude but of no avail. All of a sudden, I made up my mind to be as usual, a pacifist person. I felt an uncontrollable urge for an appalling day, because signs of fear and panic had filled my room since I got up too late that morning day.
It was without a shadow of doubt, a gloomy morning day. I was in a state of a total depression as if I was haunted by evil spirits. All my workmates went to their work places, except me. Lurching backwards and forwards aimlessly inside my room which was also plunged into darkness.
I was surrounded by perplexing thoughts crept suddenly into my mind. I was stuck for a while mulling over for a while on that strange situation. Lonely, who has no one to talk to. Perhaps, I was stark raving mad, starting addressing myself.
I stood up, flexing my shoulders and put my clothes on and left the house in the hope that I might see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was destined for me to spend sad but unforgettable day. The glimmer of hope that I dreamt of outside proved to be worse than the room itself. The sunlight conveyed also somber atmosphere.
I clung desperately to the hope that I might find someone who could heal and remove my sad moments that had been befallen on me at that day.
But, who cares!
I strode confidently towards my office, greeting my work mates and guests as usual.
Unlikely, I had been still under horrible premonitions that I was in an imminent danger. But this time, I underwent severe moments that I have never experienced before in my life. I came forward a pace and stood by the door of my office, knocking at the door as usual. Instead of knocking at the door, the raid sirens were set. I was not forewarned or fully prepared for the raid that smashed me completely. Sirens sounds filled the four corners of the office. I was too cautious to deal with the matter delicately. But, I couldn't, because the war-zone was once riddled with bullet holes.
A rush of panic at first predominated my thoughts. I started to withdraw from accusations that I always have been fallen a victim of.
Spirit of reconciliation that was made earlier, had reached to a deadlock.
There was no room for negotiation, except that the second party declared a pitched war against me.
I was aware of avoiding inevitable consequences that could be caused during that battle. This is because, I was fully aware that the end of the battle wouldn't be for my own interest.
Only one weapon was used in that battle, altercations and tear bombs.
The situation has been provokingly aggravated not when altercations had erupted, but when tear bombs were thrown away.
From a short distance, I was seriously injured by those tear bombs that showered like rain.
We didn't know at length, who will benefit from this battle.
I have been still wondering whether those who inflame the (WAR) intend to drop me as soon as they got bored or they will restore to reconciliation as before.
I hope that both cases will never happen.
But, who cares!!
Watch out of tear bombs.