Short storyThe missed call [Archives:2008/1163/Community]

May 12 2008

By: Inas Al-Radami
She went to the kitchen to prepare food for her family, bearing in mind that she'd leave them soon. She remembered how she spent every minute with them, but she had something inside like a feeling of guilt for doing nothing.

She probably could go wherever she wanted whenever she decided. Her interest in traveling was stronger than anything that would take her back to the past when her mother lived under the burdens of the family's circumstances. She felt that she'd be able to achieve her goals by traveling and changing her life.

Nothing could make her change her mind because she believed in herself strongly. She was thinking of the first step in beginning her own life and counting the days she'd spend there. Her heart was beating and beating, but she couldn't stop herself from thinking.

She suddenly hurried to the living room to check the telephone and was shocked that the missed call was from her friend, who was offering her a scholarship. She tried to call her back, but it was too late because her friend had left the country an hour before!