Shoura Council holds meeting [Archives:2003/636/Local News]

May 12 2003

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
The Shoura Council held on Tuesday 5th meeting of the first session chaired by Mr. Adul Aziz Abdul Ghani, chairman of the council. At the opening ceremony, Abdul Ghani delivered a speech clarifying that it was devoted to discuss and appraise the third parliamentary elections which were held on their constitutional time on April 27th. “Holding the parliamentary elections on time confirms the genuine commitment of the political leadership headed by President Ali Abdullah Saleh to the democratic trend as a choice that must not be backed down”, he said.
The election process, he added, had formed an important and prominent landmark in the political life, and that was noted through the big turnout of voters. The number of candidates was 1396 representing 21 parties in addition to the independents. The number of voters was 6,105,696 including women that is to say the percentage of participation was 7598 percent, which is considered to be high percentage. It is a positive indication, which reflects the degree of awareness and enthusiasm of the citizens. The chairman of the Shoura confirmed that success of the election process comes as a result of development of the electoral system in Yemen via making use of the electoral parliamentary experiences.