Showdown between Government Forces and Nehm Tribesmen [Archives:2000/07/Front Page]

February 14 2000

Reliable sources reported to the Yemen Times that a violent confrontation erupted between the Government security forces and certain elements of the Tribe of Nehm, 70 kilometers Northeast of the Capital City of Sana’a. The confrontation started when a road blockade stopped a motorcade of at least 2 cars, one of them was an Opel belonging to the Emergency Police.
They were on their way to Sana’a, coming maybe from Mareb. The lawless tribal bandits manning the blockade took the Opel, and the security personnel were powerless to resist. The Government first acted by sending some ground troops to try to retake the car.
The bandits overtook this force as well after having killed an officer and two other soldiers. The Government then sent another force to back up the earlier one, this time supported by helicopter gunships. The Government Force destroyed around ten homes of the bandits and it is said also apprehended some of them. One of the bandits was also killed and unknown number injured. All in all, sources told the YT that the total number of casualties may have reached 16, on both sides.
This is the latest eruption of violence between the Government and lawless tribal bandits. While many regretted the high number of casualties involved, they still applauded the Government’s tough stand. The Opel was returned.