Shura still closed though penalty period is over [Archives:2005/824/Local News]

March 14 2005

Reporters without Borders called on the Yemeni government to lift ban on al-Shura Weekly since penalty period has come to an end. The Prosecution had earlier rejected a plea from the Secretary General of the Yemen Public Forces Union Mohammed al-Rubai who asked for releasing al-Shura as penalty period finished on March 5, 2005 as per the verdict of West Capital Secretariat Court.

Reporters without Borders also urged the government to immediately release Abdul-Karim al-Khaiwani, Editor-in-Chief of al-Shura.

Meanwhile, persons from different nationalities endorsed a statement supporting al-Khaiwani and Yemeni journalists. They said in the beginning of the statement, addressing the president of the Republic, “We have concluded that Mr. al-Khaiwani is a prisoner of opinion as we reviewed the proceedings of his odd trial.

” We believe the next trial slated for March 22 will not be adjourned as it happened five times in the past the last of which was in the beginning of March when many lawyers and journalists were attacked by the

bodyguards of the head of the court.”

The lawyers and journalists syndicates condemned the assault.