Significance of Children’s Parliament [Archives:2004/763/Local News]

August 12 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
A workshop on the significance of Children's Parliament's political participation was held in Sana'a, the 3rd August 2004. The workshop was organized by Radda Barnen and participated by twenty persons from governmental establishments, civil society organizations, and the democracy school, in a number of the governorates and international organizations. The workshop aimed at familiarizing the participants with the current children's parliament experiment, and its comparison with the last experiment in 2004.
A network has been set up by the participating parties to support the project, and facilitate its success, in addition to drawing attention to the significance of the family's role in contributing towards children and integrating them into different development operations. Mr. Jamal al-Shamy, the executive director of the Democracy School, has disclosed that the experiences of the children's parliament, the obstacles being faced by it, and the means of fortifying the project, provide some of the techniques which will guarantee its continuity in the future.