Significance of Scientific Invention [Archives:2001/37/Business & Economy]

September 10 2001

Dr. Abdulla Aedha Bahashwan
Aden University
Islamic nations counted in their ranks a number of distinguished and famous scientists who played leading roles in various fields of knowledge. Al-Khowarezmi was an expert in algebra, while Bin Seena was a specialist in medicine. Gabber bin Hayyan was a master in chemistry. These scientists devoted themselves for the sake of humanity welfare which was enriched by by their astounding inventions. World’s history has indeed confirmed the leading role of Arabs in social, scientific, economic, or political aspects. The West used Islamic sciences and civilization and made it applicable to every day life. It is well known that we have been living in the Information Technology era which contributed to important transitions in all aspects of life in the world. We should make use of this scientific revival and make every available potential easily accessible to researchers and scientists. Boosting the desire of invention and comprehensive development can be achieved by providing a suitable environment for scientific research and economic boom. Thus, invention is a human trait and one of the highest supremacy offered by human intelligence. In 1472, a law was issued in Italy to protect the inventors and their inventions. Laws to protect intellectual rights of the inventors were issued in 1610 in England, in 1760 in the United States, and in 1994 in the Republic of Yemen.

The significance of the scientific invention
According to the famous English aphorism, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” In order to respond to new requirements, the inventor changes an abstract idea to a concrete one. Therefore, specialized research centers have to be established to meet the new requirements of scientific research. The industrial sector is considered to be the pillar of any society and the cornerstone of its economic boom. We should then take care of inventors and and their inventions.

The scientific invention from the economic point of view:
Scientific inventions in the industrial field have an active role in increasing production and improving the product quality. The applicable laws confirmed that the rights of the inventor must be ensured. Countries have clearly showed their interest in talented people and inventors of industrial items. Production and invention are closely related to each other. An increase of production thanks to innovation makes the producer more competent. This will pave the way for healthy competition. Accordingly, the increase of individual income will in turn has a positive effect for the family in providing health services, education, means of transportation, and means of entertainment.
In order to keep pace with the developments in advanced countries technology, every developing country must do its best to take care of education and technology, and encourage talented people in a drive to revive scientific research. In this respect, we want to suggest the following avenues:
Conducting strategic studies to combine sciences and technology for the benefit of society;
Establishing research centers at a local level;
Encouraging composition, translation, and publication of scientific articles;
Providing up-to-date scientific publications;
Establishing information network among and between universities and research centers.

In conclusion, it is essential to hold an annual scientific exhibition of scientific innovations with a prize (named the President’s Prize) for the people who distinguished themselves in their fields. It has also to be mentioned that the Technology and Science Center in Aden University has done a lot in the past few years to follow directives of the International Organization for Intellectual Property.