Silent March at Dhala’ [Archives:2000/12/Front Page]

March 20 2000

About 8,000 Yemenis staged a silent demonstration on Tuesday at Dhala’ Governorate. The demonstrators marched solemnly from the center of Dhala’ town (90 km north of Aden) carrying slogans demanding a national reconciliation and the cancellation of the strict security measures being implemented in the Governorate. They also carried several photos of ex-leaders of the Socialist Party of Yemen who were killed during the 1986 fighting. The march was concluded at the same place at which it began were a ceremony was held and several opposition leaders delivered their speeches. They renewed their demands of releasing detainees by security forces and the removal of military camps from the town. Threats were made if their demands were not met. There were no clashes of any kind between the demonstrators and the police. This was the second march within the last 30 days as 20000 demonstrators participated in a similar march last month for the same demands.
In his speech in the name of the Coordination Council of the Opposition Parties at the Dhala’ peaceful march Mr. Mohammed Ghaleb Ahmed, Politburo Member of the Socialist Party of Yemen began by praising the population of Dhala’ Governorate and congratulating them and those of Aden, Lahj and Ebb on the occasion of the Eid.
He said that the population of Dhala’ is really a civilized one, adding that in addition to their struggle against imperial rule and injustice Dhala’is abroad avail themselves of their democratic and constitutional rights in the most developed democracies, namely the United States of America and the United Kingdom. He added that there are dignitaries with Dhala’ origin in the American Democratic Party and the Labor Party of the U.K., and elected Dhala’is at Yemeni immigrant societies. He said that Dhala’is prove themselves these days as peaceful and democratic activists at the same level they did as national fighters against British colonialism and Imamic misrule.
Mr. Mohammed called also upon President Saleh to give concrete form of love and harmony between the population of Dhala’ Governorate and their brothers, members of the armed forces. He added that the people of Dhala are true brothers to the soldiers and officers of the heroic army of Yemen and strong supporters of the Unity of Yemen. He said also that Unity and its supreme ends are guiltless of any misdeeds and demanded that all military cadres be returned to their posts.
At the end of his speech Mr. Mohammed praised the 10th. anniversary of the Unity of Yemen on the 22nd, of May and the Martyrs of the Yemeni September and October Revolutions.