Singles and doubles open tennis tournament in Sanaa:Semi-finals to be concluded [Archives:2003/644/Community]

June 23 2003

Jameel Abu al-Ayham
SANA'A- The singles and doubles semi-final tennis championship for companies and amateurs in Sanaa is to end tomorrow on June 24. Winners are to receive the championship cups and prizes for both single and double tennis teams.
The open tennis championship was kicked off at the Haddah Residential Complex courts on June 16.
Thirty two tennis players comprising the national and international companies operating in Yemen took part in the championship games.
In the doubles tennis championship, which started on June 17, eight doubles teams contested for the first place.
The following were the doubles winners:
Najib and Said defeated Levon and M. Suraimi.
Nabil Mezwad and Andry also won the match on June 18.
Ali Dhaiban and Costa defeated Waleed and Hanni with a result of 2 to 1 after a strong match.
Peter and Max defeated Decond and Jemi with a result of 2 to nil and then eventually won against Noel and Ryan.
The winners were qualified for the four-round championship, which started on Saturday June 21.
Mr. Naji Younis, from Lipton Company expressed his happiness for organizing and taking part in this championship. “My eagerness for the championship and the company's aim to support it are the motives behind my decision to take part in this splendid tennis tournament,” Mr. Naji said.
He further added that his company has participated in a number of international as well as Arab championships and that the company is ready to take part in any such event in the future.
During the inaugural ceremony on June 16, five singles tennis championships were held with players including Hani Shehadeh, the Area Manager of the Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC), Mr. Najib al-Barabri the Sales Manager of the Yemeni Catering & Services Ltd. (YCS), and Mr. Naji Nasif the Lipton representative in the championship.
The singles tournament's results were as follows:
Fahd Annoamani defeated Andry, two to one.
Mohammed Asuraimi defeated Hani Shehadeh, 2 to nil.
Faisal Assabahi defeated Fahid Anoamani, 2 groups to nil.
Ebert defeated Jerum, 2 to nil.
Noel defeated Decond, 2 to nil.
The tennis championship was refereed by tennis coaches Waleed al-Fusail, Faisal Assami and Nabil Mezwad.