Sit-in at Taiz University [Archives:2000/30/Local News]

July 24 2000

More than 500 students staged a sit-in last Saturday in protest against the fees which have been levied at different faculties of Taiz University. At scientific faculties the fees have shot up from YR.2,500 to YR.7,500 and other faculties from YR.1,800 to Yr.5,500.
The Yemen Times met a number of students in Taiz who expressed their resentment on these high fees which would render a large number of students unable to join the University owing to the hard financial conditions of their families. The students were surprised at the way the officials thought of increasing students’ hardships.
The Taiz branch student sector of the ruling PGC at Taiz University issued an appeal to a large number of senior officials, including the President, requesting “intervention to reduce.
University fees which constitute a hardship and a strong curtain for the students who want to continue university-level education.”
The General Union of Yemeni Students has also issued a similar statement. However, protests over the high fees are still continuing.
Before going to the press we have learnt that the University administration has stopped enrollment pending a decision on the rate of fees.