Six killed and another injured in brutal tribal conflicts in Mareb:Ramadan’s deadly start [Archives:2003/681/Front Page]

October 30 2003

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Sana’a, Oct. 29 – Six people were killed and another was injured in a shootout that took place on Saturday between Aal Saidah and al-Marazeek, one of the minor tribes affiliated to Bani Nawf in the al-Jawf governorate.
Tribal sources said that the main cause behind fire exchange was attributed to the longstanding tribal disputes.
“Tribal conflict between the two was erupted one year ago over a simple financial amount of money when they assembled in Marib, they quarreled and then pointed their guns at each other,” a tribal source said.
It is worthwhile mentioning that the eastern governorates such as, Marib, Shabowa, and al-Jawf have been involved in severe tribal clashes from time to time.
Those tribal clashes constitute a big headache for the government. They have been given carte blanche and this has negatively affected their normal life.
Despite of rendering developmental and social projects in order to overcome the hard life there, which overwhelmed those tribes, the tribal clashes have been still predominant.
Several US-funded projects have been recently implemented during a short visit Marib by the US Ambassador to Yemen and those major projects are equipping the President Hospital in Marib at the cost of USD 5.3 million as well as other developmental projects.