Six people injured in gas factory explosion [Archives:2008/1172/Local News]

July 14 2008

Sana'a, July 13)The Ministry of Interior confirmed that six people were injured in a gas factory explosion Sunday morning in the northeastern part of Sana'a city.

“The incident resulted in six injured employees, two of whom have serious injuries and are in the intensive care department,” said a source from the Ministry of the Interior.

The sources stated that the explosion happened when contact between gas tanks started a fire while employees were discharging the remaining gas from the tanks. “The contact between tanks started sparks which led to the explosion,” said Hassan Dahesh, an officer in the Civil Defense Administration. He said that the explosion was an accident and any denied that any terrorist act was behind the incident.

The owner of the factory, Hamoud Al-Mufazer, reaffirmed that the incident was an accident and said he does not accuse any organization or person for the explosion. Al-Mufazer mentioned that between 2,500 and 3,000 gas tanks have become unusable due to the explosion.

According to Ali Aubaid, the accounts manger of the factory, the factory is uninsured. The factory discharges and refills about 500 gas tanks daily and there are around 200 employees working there, without counting the group of administrators.