Sixteen square miles,Permissible fishery areas in Yemen [Archives:2004/766/Business & Economy]

August 23 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The Yemeni cabinet discussed a project for re-organisation of fishing process based on dividing the Yemeni regional waters to areas where sea fishing is allowed to be practiced by fishermen.
Navigation sources said the ministry of fish wealth had divided the sea regional waters of Yemen into four fishing areas; the area of each was four square nautical miles. The four areas defined for fishery included the areas of the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the coast of Bab el Mandab to the shores of Shabwa. The division aims at facilitating the process of controlling the random fishing that is going on in the Yemeni regional waters.
Though fishing in the governorate of al-Mahara is facing many challenges, the season of catching (Al-Habbar) has been continues at a high rate since last June as quantities of production has amounted to 2000 tons, with an increase of 900 tons in comparison with production of the same period of the last year.
There are about 500 fishing units affiliate of Nashtoun Fish Association, at a time some local reports mention that large fishing ships that were managing badly the process of fish wealth have disappeared as a result of measures taken by concerned authorities.
On the other hand Mr Hafidh al-Salimi, head of the Nashtoun Association has appealed to the ministry of fish wealth for building ice-producing factories for preserving their fish catch. The production volume of Maheev Fish association which works on the coasts of al-Mahara is estimated at around 50 tons per day. If there are ice- producing factories available in the area the production capacity could jump to 75 tons a day.