Skilful Media women [Archives:2005/881/Front Page]

September 29 2005

SANA'A- sept.28- The Yemeni Media Women forum was concluded Last Wednesday the first phase of the (press reporting and interaction skills), of the developing of editing and press performance skills for the Yemeni press women. The project is held in cooperation with (Internews) news net.

In a release for Mrs. Dalia Anam, project coordinator she said:

'The project aims at developing the editing skills and performance of the Yemeni women. It is sure that it will contribute to of the raising their performance and enhance their part in development and construction'

She continued saying that ' Woman's role in development proved to be vital in enhancing social development, the more the women the awareness of women the more they will be able to skillfully manage their affairs and social duties. We are hopeful that the Press women will fully fledged in their career participation and will have an effective role in decision making. This will be achieved through the continuous development of their skills and attainment of respect in their work sites.'

In the final ceremony Mr. Rahma Hojaria addressed, head of the symposium addressed the ceremony , confirming the importance of qualifying the press women to be able to raise the Yemeni community. She thanked the experts who participated in training and the valuable information that they conducted to them. She also spoke of the value of these sort of courses that will increase trainees comprehensive role in enhancing social awareness

The ceremony was attended in addition to the participant by dignatries, and supporters of Yemeni woman in addition to media people.