Slogans against USA and Israel postpone trialHouthi followers trial adjourned [Archives:2005/869/Front Page]

August 18 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Sana'a – In its first session to try 36 of Al-Houthi followers, the special penal court, decided to adjourn it until next Monday. The suspects were accused of forming armed saboteurs cells to start a reign of terror in Sana'a. The court's decision came after the disturbance that the accused caused by raising their voices as the prosecutor was presenting his indictment. He could hardly proceed in presenting the charges. The suspects repeated slogans against America and Israel.

The prosecutor accused the suspects of being involved in armed groups that aim at havocking government premises, attacking military, political and social leaders. They have distributed roles among themselves to carry out their attacks. The prosecution assured that the gang had rented houses where they used to hold their meetings, and store weapons. They used false names and modern communications means in their movements.

The prosecution listed several incidents carried out by the gang; of these are the hurling of grenades at military vehicles and buses that resulted in a number of casualties among the military men and the causing of destruction to a number of markets. They were also charged of surveillance of the movement of key government figures in prelude to attacking them. The suspects that are being prosecuted are 36; seven of them are being prosecuted in absentia. There is also a woman among these suspects.

Security forces detained those al-Houthi followers following the armed confrontations in Sana'a. Their movement seemed to be an attempt to revenge the murder of their leader Hussein Baderedeen Al-Houthi who was killed in the armed conflict with the government Forces in Saada in September 2004.