Slovenian magazine features Yemeni business opportunities [Archives:2005/803/Business & Economy]

January 3 2005

A prestigious Slovenian business magazine, Podjetnik/The Entrepreneur ( features in its December issue an exclusive and lengthy interview with Irena Knehtl*, an economist, researcher and writer about business and investment opportunities and prospects in Yemen.

The magazine mentions a number of business and investment opportunities and other possibilities for cooperation between the two countries. It also lists Yemen as a country that is friendly to female entrepreneurs and investors.

Slovenia, the newest EU member, is located in the heart of Europe, and enjoyed an impressive 6.1 per cent economic growth during 2004. This growth was the result of extensive and efficient reform programs.

*Irena Knehtl is an economist and writer residing in Yemen. She is also a regular contributor to Yemen Times and had written tens of articles in issues ranging from culture and society to economics and technology.