Smallpox outbreak reported in Sana’a, outskirts [Archives:2006/950/Local News]

May 29 2006

SANA'A, May 28 ) Students of four schools located in the Hebra neighborhood within Sana'a refrained from sitting for their final examinations because of the spread of an infectious disease suspected to be smallpox.

Media sources have said that the disease is thought to be rubella. Up until now, it has infected children and adults alike. The same sources regretted the silence of the government and the private media. Sources also declared that the disease has swelled among students of October 14, July 7, and Imtiaz private schools.

The disease is spreading throughout Sana'a in general and constituency 18 in particular, which is the most infected area so far.

Medical sources from Bani Matar, an outlaying town west of Sana'a, stated that “the medical team sent to the Barhan District has made tests for 53 cases and it has been shown that they are infected with smallpox, a disease that transfers through contact and respiration.”

The Al-Motamar.Net website noted that “an operation room including the General Manager of the Health Bureau and the District Director, Abdulmalik Al-Taifi, as well as authorities in Bani Matar has been set-up and the victims [of the disease] have been gathered in one place and samples have been taken to Sana'a to be examined.”

The medical team is still at the operation room together with ambulances to handle any new found cases and make locals aware of known ways that the infection can be communicated, according to Al-Taifi.