Smoking banned in respect for tourists’ wishes [Archives:2005/902/Local News]

December 12 2005

SANA'A- Dec.11- As part of its procedures aimed at promoting tourism and tourist services, the Yemeni government banned smoking in vehicles that transport tourists to different parts of Yemen. It also order the count of cars utilized in the transportation of tourists and the provision of tourist police that help upgrade dealing with foreign tourists in the country.

The procedures taken by the Tourist Promotion Board in its Saturday's meeting aim to raise the quality of services for tourists entering Yemen. Among these procedures is counting cars working in the field of tourist services and selecting the new models, Taha al-Mahbashi, General Manager of the Tourist Promotion Board said in a statement to the Yemen Times.

The Tourist Promotion Board also ordered the removal of stickers and vision-blurring glasses to enable tourists to enjoy the natural scenes and observe different places that offer tourist services such as hotels and restaurants.

These procedures are taken for the sake of providing safe climates and conditions for tourists to reside where they like.