Smuggling gang suspectedChief of Green Area is murdered [Archives:2004/788/Local News]

November 8 2004

By Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Bureau

A suspected smuggling gang of brothers Mohammad Al-Amreen and Ali Al-Ameen, along with their accomplices, is suspected in the killing of Mohammad Ahmad Al-Serm the Chief of the Green Area in Mocha on Oct. 30.
The alleged crime took place when the chief tried to stop their truck that was loaded with smuggled firecrackers through the checkpoint. A jeep vehicle escorted the truck.
Al-Ser was allegedly shot dead by the smugglers when he pursued them in an attempt to seize the commodities that were illegally brought into the country.
After their alleged crime, the gang fled the scene.
The murder took place just a few days after a central police officer was brutally assassinated by a smuggling gang. Residents of the area also talk about other cases of murder for similar reasons.
The western coastline of Yemen, particularly areas around the town of Mocha has been a fertile ground for smugglers for some time. Authorities have been unable to control the flow of smuggled goods in that region due to many obstacles including corruption, ease of movement, and lack of professional training of security personnel.
Goods coming through anonymous sources includ drugs, wines and firecrackers, the last of which cause harms to children.
They are passed into cities across Yemen through these areas.