So long [Archives:2006/973/Community]

August 17 2006

Mohammed Ali Saeed Kaed
[email protected]

Today, another sorrow to fall,

When to leave our fathers,

By whom we gained things of all

Knowledge, philosophies and matters.

I feel too shocked to be alone,

In this crowded world, and forget

Our parents of knowledge very soon.

And have – lastly – no target.

How can we bear such a departure,

Like in jail or prison.

Free in this world in the future,

But not to see you again, give pardon.

For you become parts of hearts,

“Live along” dears, shine with sun

Every day in 'Education & Arts'.

With joy, happiness, and fun.

The countries of some which,

Become much loved by us.

To go there is our wish,

To share and drink love for countries.