Social Development annual report [Archives:2004/760/Local News]

August 2 2004

By Ismail Al-Ghabri
Yemen Times Staff

The annual report of the Social Development Fund for 2003 was recently issued. The report comprised the report on the Fund operations, which were carried out in education, culture, water, environment, health, social protection, training and organization support and small enterprises development lines. The report also, comprised a number of the projects approved for financing since the establishment of the fund until the end of 2003. The number of projects has reached 3,300, at an estimated value of approximately US$250 million, whereas the incurred value amounted to approximately US$182 million, and the direct applicant beneficiaries from the same have reached approximately 7 million people or 49%. It is worth mentioning that the Yemen Government established the fund in 1997 as a financially and administratively independent organization, , combining members representing the government, civil society establishments and the private sector.