Social Fund for Development: Building on the strength of societies [Archives:2007/1051/Local News]

May 17 2007

Nisreen Shadad
SANA'A, May 14 ) Maryam Baburaik, the head of the working team for gathering information and measuring the impact of Social Fund for Development (SFD), has narrated numerous passionate experience stories to confirm the effect of the SFD's strategy.

“Community participation is one of the most important factors we use. It can facilitate people's works. For instance, while our team was in Raima to gather some information, the rain fell down heavily. Since Raima is a mountainous place, rocks fell down and blocked the way. If we waited for a public sector to help us, they will take not less than a week to come and remove the rocks. However, because there were villagers in Raima who are involved in roads maintenance project, they finished maintaining the roads within four hours,” She said.

The Fund held a meeting on May 13 to summarize and disseminate the findings of the Fund 2006 Impact Evaluation which comprised a quantitative survey, a qualitative study, institutional evaluation, and Triangulation among all the three, “Triangulation is a very useful element since we can look across the three previous elements,” said Mary Jennings, an International Consultant.

Though this evaluation was not a compulsory for the Social Fund to make, they did it to get the impact of their projects as well as to get the outcomes and use them to focus more in the future needs, “This comprehensive evaluation is important for transparency