Social Insurance Affairs Office in Taiz: Well Done [Archives:2000/03/Culture]

January 17 2000

By: Imad Al-Saqqaf 
Yemen Times- Taiz
The Office of Insurance and Social Affairs in Taiz is carrying out extraordinary activities aimed at helping the social segments that are more stricken by poverty through the social security network and social welfare services.
In an interview to Yemen Times with Mr. Sheikh Zain Allah Shagerah, director general of the Insurance and Social and Affairs office, he said “the office renders social services to different sections of the society as envisaged by the effective laws. The president was really appreciative of the importance of this issue so he gave clear directives to the government to improve social services and to extend the network of social insurance to different dimensions so that they are available to each and every district in the Republic. This attention and concern has helped to raise funds given to poor families. We are going to include another 20 thousand families by the end of 1999 and there were 16,630 families that had been already included in our office by the end of 1998. By this the overall number of the families who get the benefit from the social insurance will reach to 36,630.
It is worth mentioning that during the first of half of this year we have prepared and implemented a plan of a field survey viewing old cases registered in the office till the end of 1997. This field survey was conducted by a 43-member team of university qualified in the field of sociology under contracts signed with them as starting from March 1999. We have also prepared a plan for the field survey. The 20,000 supported cases are going to be distributed fairly to different districts of the governorate according to the following factors:
1- Density of population
2- Viewing the cases registered till the end of 1998
3- The ratio of poverty
Few months ago the office had doubled efforts to carry out the policy of the government in this regard, especially after the activities of the office have come out with tangible good results among the poor families.
The ministry efforts will not stop at this level, it will rather extend to include the crippled and disabled people who will be trained and taken care of at the training centers existed in the governorate. We are attempting to make them able to get rid of their isolation and integrate them in the society.
Moreover, we are going to supervise and monitor plans and programs pertaining to women, children which are carried out in nurseries and centers of productive families aiming at developing families socially, culturally and economically so that women can play a role in the development process. We are also interested in activating the NGOs and unions and pushing them to meet their goals that they are set up for, the chief among which being solidarity among the people.
Finally, I would like to express my deep appreciation of the governor of Taiz, Al-Hegri for all his commendable efforts to make easy all the difficulties faced by the office.