Social integration workshop held in Taiz [Archives:2003/671/Local News]

September 25 2003

Taiz, September 24 – Twenty teachers and social experts representing 14 schools in the city of Taiz participated in a workshop organized by Dia during 22-23 September for teachers and social experts in the field of social integration of public students in the new academic year.
The 2-day workshop included theoretical and practical lessons, discussions, and field visits to the Amal area near Al-Jahla market place.
Mr. Amin Al-Dubai, in charge of social activities in Dia said that the workshop included a number of activities that aimed at enhancing performance of teachers and raising their awareness of the importance of social integration of new students.
The workshop was also attended by Mr. Shawqi Al-Qadhi, Member of Parliament, along with Ahmed Al-Wajeeh, Manager of the education office in Taiz and Dr. Aneesa Dawkam, expert in psychology at Taiz University.