Socialist party denounces attempts to close Jarallah Omar case [Archives:2006/909/Local News]

January 5 2006

SANA'A, Jan. 1 ) The Socialist Party demanded a “national independent committee be formed for a comprehensive investigation in Jarallah's assassination case.”

This came in a statement issued on the eve of the third remembrance of the murder of the party's General Secretary, Jarallah Omar. It demanded the independent national committee question all whose names were mentioned in the official investigation minutes, as well as those suspected of direct or indirect involvement and those suspected to have facilitated or overlooked the crime.

In its statement distributed to the media, the party confirmed its refusal of authorities' and their official bodies' dealings in the case. Additionally, the party condemned efforts to close the case before concluding investigations of the remaining terrorist cell members and those mentioned in the assassin's confession. It added, “Execution of the assassin will never end the case [The Socialist Party] will not rest until they disclose all the mysteries of the murder.”

The party “denounces the abstinence of the High Court not to consider the Appeal Court's ruling that the prosecution finish investigating all band members,” to which the assassin, Sawani, belonged. It said those mentioned in investigations should also have been questioned, adding, “The prosecution and the political security should have been ordered to hand over the 94 torn papers and add them to the crime file.”

Authorities executed Jarallah's murderer amid remonstrations from the Socialist Party and Jarallah's family. They considered the execution an official effort to close the case and give it a penal perspective, while it is a clear political case.

The political group following up Jarallah Omar's assassination insistently demanded authorities disclose the truth and refer the real perpetrators to justice. It also demanded the plan to liquidate political and intellectual personalities be revealed.

Sources believe the group will use all methods, with a view to internationalizing the case, which the group believes the assassin's execution was only an excuse to close.

Famed lawyer Ahmed Al-Wadae blamed the Socialist Party for failing to internationalize Jarallah's case, if only for the sake of loyalty, while all internationalization factors were available.

Al-Wadae said in an interview with “Al-Thori” newspaper, “We often demanded investigations of a number of persons whom the assassin, fortunately enough, mentioned in his evidence. They were the crime's engineers and they furnished support and logistics to the assassin. We published their names in 'Al-Thori' and everybody knew them. They were influential. The young members of the assassin's gang who were tried were nothing in comparison.”

Al-Wadae wished “Al-Thori” would republish the names, irrespective of the feelings of the National Committee, which did not mention the names. They rendered Jarallah's tragedy a passive, cold case.

Regarding the view that Jarallah's case was handled due to a political trend, rather than a legal one, Al-Wadae said, “That thinking in this country is a cursed thing. On top of this is the legal thinking. The one who says this may ignore the fact that political oration is unsaleable.”