Society news [Archives:2005/840/Local News]

May 9 2005

Yemen is to take part in the 3rd meeting for directors of Arab judicial research centers set to be held in Beirut from 10 to 12 May. The meeting would discuss the role of those centers in drafting suitable mechanism to carry out criminal punishments in Arab countries.

The third conference on environment in Taiz recommended in its closure on Thursday the introduction of environment into school curricula.

Secretary-General of the Arab League Amr Mousa would visit Yemen in the second half of May. During the visit, Mousa would attend Yemen's celebrations marking the 15th anniversary of Yemeni unity on May 22, 1990.

An Italian trade delegation including several businessmen and politicians are scheduled to visit Yemen on May 11. Yemen's ambassador to Italy Mohammed Saleh al-Hilali discussed here on Friday with Chairman of the Arab-Italian Chamber of Commerce Sarjo Marinai programme of the visit of Italian businessmen to Yemen on 22 May.

In Yemen, deputy foreign minister for Arab, Asian and African affairs Hussein Taher bin Yahya held talks on Tuesday with the ambassador of China to Yemen Gao Yusheng.

The national committee entrusted with negotiating with the World Trade Organization (WTO), discussed on Monday underway efforts to secure Yemen's accession into the world organization.

Sana'a mayor Ahmed al-Kohlani discussed on Monday with the delegation of the General Authority for Gardening in Cairo the bilateral cooperation in developing Yemen's farming industry.